Imitation Bamboo (Bamfaux) wedding Arches are really stunning to see, so I found some ideas for you.

I found some Wedding arches that others have built and where I could I added prices to them. (Of course prices change quickly so check first.)
I smudged all the faces so no one can be identified, and,
where I remembered, I tried to reference the various web pages as well.

$140 to $180 - shipping $10

$60 to $75 - shipping $10

$200 to $300 - shipping $10

$50 to $65 - shipping $10

Unfortunately I do not remember which web page I found these on, so if you are the webmaster, please contact me so I can add the proper web page to these ideas. Thank you. <<< Click here. With the usual arbors, width seems to be between 42" & 60" wide, 8' high, and ends are bolted into squares into the ground.

$120 to $130

Imitation Bamboo looks sooooo much better
I found some beautiful wedding arbors.
I found more beauty ...


There's a circle (ring) in the very middle.

Bamfaux looks much better
I found some varied and beautiful wedding arches
I found more beauty with Imitation Bamboo...


Imitation Bamboo (Bamfaux) looks better
Unfortunately, although I have many pictures of wedding arbors and wedding arches, I do not remember where I got them from, other than the Internet.
If you own one of these pictures, and would like to add your webpage link to them, please contact me at

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Imitation Bamboo is called Bamfaux.
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