Imitation Bamboo
Bamfaux is also known as faux bamboo or Imitation Bamboo
is called Bamfaux!

or ...
Bamfaux has been called synthetic bamboo, artificial bamboo, plastic bamboo, faux bamboo, duracane, hollow bamboo, extruded bamboo, imitation bamboo, bamboo for sunlight, expo bamboo, exotic bamboo, colored bamboo... ... ... ...

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Bamfaux is UV-stabilized, tough PVC, tastefully decorated to imitate natural Bamboo cane.

Our synthetic bamboo (Bamfaux) repels the harmful effects of sunlight, rain and humidity.
It does not flake, go gray or soften in the rain.

It is ideal for Asian, African and Tropical Exhibits,
at Zoos, Water Parks, Amusement Parks, Resorts and Expos,
as well as the Entertainment Industry (private, residential as well as commercial).

Bamfaux has been called
... synthetic bamboo, artificial bamboo, plastic bamboo, faux bamboo, duracane, hollow bamboo, extruded bamboo, imitation bamboo, bamboo for sunlight, expo bamboo, exotic bamboo, colored bamboo ...

The replication of bamboo into imitation bamboo was created to be available at a more reasonable cost, and availability at the speed of business, instead of nature. Why? Because some bamboo plants can take years to grow to the desired size, while others require special climates; specifically, those that produce the exotic colors you've come to know as exotic bamboo.

Exotic Imitation Bamboo colors are:
Original, Black, Green, Blue, Red and yellow.

The most popular color is 'original' Imitation Bamboo, followed closely by 'green' Bamfaux. The original Synthetic Bamboo, is almost a mustard color, or maybe you could call it tan - we call it 'original'. The color is similar to the picture on the top of this page, although I feel I must remind you that colors on a website, anywhere on the Internet in fact, might not be the exact hue or shade and may, or may not, show the fine lines or striations that make Bamfaux so nearly an exact clone of the original Bamboo cane. One cannot easily tell them apart - Imitation Bamboo vs. live Bamboo stalks.

Bamfaux strives to imitate the naturally
exotic colors of natural bamboo.


Clicking on some of the pictures will enlarge them, and may increase your use of patience.
Please Note:
None of the foliage or other background paraphernalia within any picture is sold by us.
We manufacture and sell Imitation Bamboo, known as Bamfaux, only. The rest is for aesthetic value only.

Imitation Bamboo is called Bamfaux. Imitation bamboo is called Bamfaux.

What can you do with Imitation Bamboo? Bamfaux?

Maybe first I should explain that Bamfaux is hollow all the way through. Most bamboo stalks are not.
Imitation Bamboo lends itself to be used as a slip cover over metal or wood. It cannot sustain any load but it can protect or hide the upright that does. The cover will be Bamfaux, regardless of what hides inside the pipe and no-one will know the difference. It really looks good, too, seeing Imitation Bamboo holding up Tiki roofs, or Thatch Umbrellas or being used elsewhere because of its hollow properties.

The long Imitation Bamboo poles are fairly rigid, yet over their 20' length they have some give and a slight curve, more so with the thinner diameters.

Then there is the value of imitating art: maybe giant stalks, or uprights that seemingly hold up roofs, or puncture roofs for natural skylights, or maybe giant plants invading a hotel lobby, a depiction / re-enactment of your Company's logo, an African theme, an Asian theme of Bamboo homes,... whatever. It's only your imagination that can limit the use of Imitation Bamboo in art.

Imitation Bamboo is an extremely versatile product.
Bamfaux can be used in both commercial & residential settings

Maybe this idea should be first. Imitation Bamboo can be used to decorate your Home, Hotel, Resort, Zoo, Expo stand, Office theme, Theme for your Park / Resort or Party. As a theme it comes off as Asian, African, Tropical, Hawaiian and/or Polynesian, with some inspiration you could even make it look Primitive. It gives the illusion of an Oasis, Paradise, Caribbean / Hawaiian Island, African village, or ancient Asia and/or China who used Bamboo extensively because it was easily available, seemingly grew everywhere, and even provided food.

A solid / semi-solid Bamfaux fence can demarcate homes, flowerbeds, and walkways while it can also circle trees, be used as wallpaper on either the full wall or half the wall. Fencing does not have to be solid. Imitation Bamboo can be used as uprights between rope, wood, wire, diamond mesh, cattle fence, etc.

As decor Bamfaux is extremely versatile. It fits into almost any scene and it can be colored to match your Persian rugs, your Graffiti wall, your cane furniture, or your kitchen tiles, Your imagination can conjure up your own specific style, trend or preference.

As an expo exhibit, you can use the various fittings to mutate, bend, and shape the Imitation Bamboo to depict a large company logo, decorate your stand in an ancient theme, demarcate pathways for your customers to follow or use it to convey wiring, or water, to your exhibit. Maybe something more substantial can be created like a fountain, or waterfall. The hollow Imitation Bamboo can hide wires and cables for your spot lights, or hide the machinery of moving parts.

Outside a Hotel, Home or Resort, the hollow Imitation Bamboo can direct water, even under pressure if required, away from guest pathways, or use it as a downspout directing water from the roof to a flower bed, or the ground.

Bamfaux can be used inside, with the help of an Interior Decorator, who might place the various Imitation Bamboo poles to replace Towel racks, picture frames, curtain rails, bed frames, even an Imitation Bamboo plant that never needs water or nourishment.

Add to that the value of art, everyday items and knick-knacks, the sprucing up of the interior and/or exterior of a resort or hiding the workings of a mechanical expo / exhibit or showing off a fence.

For your Themes and/or Decor we can also color Bamfaux specifically to your taste. If you'd like special or solid colors, please contact us (look below). We'll gladly take care of you and your need for our Bamfaux.

What is Bamfaux?

Bamfaux (imitation bamboo or synthetic bamboo) is an enhanced, hollow, PVC pipe: available in diameters ranging from 1 inch to 8 inches, and any length up to 20 feet.
After production many cannot tell the difference between Imitation Bamboo and the living bamboo canes. That is another reason why we do all the enhancement by hand. After all, live plants do not follow an exact or mathematical, not even an even, path. Growth rates vary, as do periods of drought and too much moisture. This gives the plant its variations, and our coloring the PVC by hand imitates these spurts of growth. No two pipes of Bamfaux are alike. No two distances between nodes, or striations, or markings are exactly alike. This is as it should be because Imitation Bamboo is our way of copying (or imitating) Nature.
Bamfaux = imitation bamboo and/or colored bamboo

The PVC, used for Imitation Bamboo, is marked to emulate the ridges around the bamboo stalks. Special paints are used to visually duplicate the natural color and streaks on the bamboo plant - the spurts of its growth pattern.

Bamfaux was originally designed to cover steel poles, load-carrying beams and posts, plus give the illusion of Bamboo holding up the roofs of Thatch or Sabal Palm roofs, as commonly used in Bars and Tiki Huts. They fit perfectly into the Tropical Island theme and/or atmosphere, and create an ambiance synonymous with Luau parties, where imitation bamboo, or Bamfaux, is often used to complete the illusion.

Bamfaux = imitation bamboo = enhanced PVCBamfaux, on its own, is not load bearing. Like authentic bamboo it is pliable and bendable to a degree, therefore it requires an internal structure/member, a strong upright, hiding within the Bamfaux pipe to lend the appearance of holding up a roof.

Our Bamfaux is finished off with a UV-stabilized, acrylic, clear coat finish that is almost immune to outdoor weather conditions. It gives the pipe a matt finish, diffusing the usual glossy paint finish, plus it helps our Imitation Bamboo withstand weather conditions like sunlight, rain and humidity.

Bamfaux can also be used for other applications -- themes, decorations, art or stand-alone features -- that might further enhance an interior, or exterior, area for your specific needs. Ask your resident 'Interior Decorator' for ideas on how almost-pliable Bamfaux might augment your Entertainment or Reception area to make it more pleasant and aesthetically pleasing.
You might be surprised by what our Bamfaux can do.

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Imitation Bamboo is called Bamfaux

Imitation Bamboo is called Bamfaux
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Imitation Bamboo is called Bamfaux.
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